Welcome to my domotica showcase website, on this website im showing what can be done when you make your house 'smart' on a budget. Feel free to look through my projects and use them as a base for your own domotica projects or contact me on my contact page.

Below are the last blogitems that I wrote about hardware and software that I use in my Domotica system.

Sonoff Touch EU single switch

September 23, 2017 Yesterday i received my second Sonoff device, the Sonoff Touch EU with a single switch. Today I immediatly flashed the device so now its loaded with t...
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Working with the Sonoff Basic WiFi Smart Switch

September 5, 2017 Yesterday i got my Sonoff switch by mail, and today I configured it so I can use it without the EweLink App by following this video: The only thing...
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Sonoff Wifi 230 volt switch

August 18, 2017 Today i read a blogpost about the Sonoff Wifi switch for 230 volt and decided to give it a try. Because i dont know if this is exactly a product that...
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Unifi Video surveillance software

July 10, 2017 Today I started using Unifi Video as my surveillance system software, normally I try not to use closed systems but this time i made an exception. Firs...
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