Neomess' Domotica Home

Welcome to my domotica showcase website, on this website im showing what can be done when you make your house 'smart' on a budget. Feel free to look through my projects and use them as a base for your own domotica projects or contact me on my contact page.

Below are the last blogitems that I wrote about hardware and software that I use in my Domotica system.

King Dimmer Switch

August 13, 2019 A couple of days ago I got the dimmer switch that I ordered via Aliexpres, its unbranded but on the PCB it says "King Dimmer Switch".I followed the in...
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Kerui D026 instead of the Sonoff DW1

June 27, 2019 Last weekend I got the Kerui D026 door and window sensors that I ordered to use instead of the Sonoff DW1. As can be read in my previous post, the DW1...
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Sonoff DW1 connected to my RFXTRX433 transciever

June 9, 2019 Together with the Pir2 I also gor a DW1 from Sonoff, and yesterday I hooked it up to my domotica software.This sensor also works with the RFXTRX433 tr...
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Sonoff Pir2 (ct60) connected to my RFXTRX433 transciever

June 6, 2019 Yesterday I connected a Sonoff Pir2 to my domotica systems RFXTRX433After a RFXTRX433 firmware update (didn't do this in a long time) it worked immedi...
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