Working with the Sonoff Basic WiFi Smart Switch

Yesterday i got my Sonoff switch by mail, and today I configured it so I can use it without the EweLink App by following this video:

The only thing I had to change from this video is to set the "Flash Mode" to "DOUT" instead of "DIO" and all works fine now.

For now i will use two simple commands, to set and get the status of the Sonoff device:

  • Set the status using: http://[DEVICE IP]/cm?cmnd=Power%20TOGGLE
  • Get the status using: http://[DEVICE IP]/cm?cmnd=Power1

This little switch works perfect, especially when u keep in mind i only paid € 4,32 for it! This week i will order more, but this time i will also order a couple of Sonoff Touch glass switches as well so my wife can still turn everything on and off the 'normal' way.

Working with the Sonoff Basic WiFi Smart Switch

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