Working with the Shelly 1PM modules

01 March 2021

As I've seen more and more people starting to use Shelly products I thought i had to give it a try, and for now I started with 4 Shelly 1PM modules. The Shelly 1 (without PM) is basically a SonOff Basic that is smaller so u can build it into the box behind the switch. The extra benefit of the Shelly 1PM relative to the normal Shelly 1 is that the 1PM has an extra option to monitor the power consumption.

After I integrated all four modules into my domotica system I have to say that they are easy to work with because they are very small with good access to all terminals. I allready placed my second order with four RGBW modules, a dimmer module and a Shelly 1L, I will keep you informed about my findings with these other modules as soon as I have integrated them into my domotica system