Unifi Video surveillance software

Today I started using Unifi Video as my surveillance system software, normally I try not to use closed systems but this time i made an exception. First I tried to setup an other software system called Zoneminder, but at least for now this seems a bit to much to understand and use.

Unifi Video is easy to use, but the downside is that I can only control my Unifi camera's. (And not my other two Foscam camera's) The upside is that the software contains all that I want for now, and has an app that's also very easy to use.

I think in the near future I will give Zondeminder another shot, because I still want to try to integrate my two Foscam camera's in my surveillance system. If Zoneminder is not an option I can always replace my two Foscam camera's for one or two more Unifi camera's.

Unifi Video surveillance software

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