Dual Raspberry Pi 1u/1he rack case

Lately I've been giving it another go with my Raspberry Pi's.
For a while I didn't know what to do with them, but now I've found a purpose for two of them. One now serves as as a Unify Controller so i can manage my Unify equipment, the other one was already in use for my 7' domotica touchscreen that I build into my rack door.

Off course this meant that I wanted them in my rack, and for this I used a 1u/1he blind plate and a piece of wood untill i will find a better case to put them in. I allso scraped together a bit of money to buy a Anker USB power supply to feed them some stable juice.

On the images the blind plate looks a bit damaged, but this is only residue from the tape I used.

More pictures will follow soon!

Dual Raspberry Pi 1u/1he rack case Dual Raspberry Pi 1u/1he rack case

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